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Mission Statement

The World Civic Orchestra uses music as a means to bridge the world’s differences.  We believe that music can help the world understand and appreciate the differences that too often lead to conflict because its essence is not bound by culture, race or religion; rather it is a universal language that touches the human soul.


We want to congratulate our WCO 2019 family on an outstanding performance of Kaleidoscope at Alice Tully Hall in New York City, June 9th, 2019!


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A heartfelt congratulations to our new and returning members of the 2018 World Civic Orchestra for their outstanding performance on July 1st, 2018 at Alice Tully Hall in New York City!!

We represented 11 different countries on stage!! Click photo to be taken to our NYC 2018 Gallery

We represented 11 different countries on stage!! Click photo to be taken to our NYC 2018 Gallery

What is next for WCO?

We are so happy to announce that we will be returning to Alice Tully Hall for our next concert, June 9th of 2019.

If that is not exciting enough, we will be having a joint concert with Kyoto Civic Philharmonic at Kyoto Concert Hall in Japan, September 21, 2020. That is also just after the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo!

Plans of exploring collaboration programs with underdeveloped countries is also in the works.

With that said, we are keeping very busy. WCO is growing bigger and our mission is reaching further than we have ever imagined!

We couldn't do it without you!


How can you help?

So much of what we do here at WCO would not be possible without the generosity of your donations.

Our very own conductor Vincent Koh has put together his favorite photos for you in our first ever 2019 WCO Calendar! He showcases each month with lovely images captured from his very own garden. Enjoy the 4 seasons of New York with WCO in 2019.

Each calendar is only a $10 donation. Click the button below to place your order.




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Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate, and eternal form.
— Plato