What is the World Civic Orchestra?

The World Civic Orchestra is a gathering of people from around the world to celebrate the world through music.  We have over 400 registered members representing 20 countries with over 80 musicians performing on stage at any given annual concert in various cities of the world.

Why is there a need for a World Civic Orchestra?

As we have entered the digital age, easy access to information has opened our eyes to various parts of the world.  Unfortunately, it has also opened divisive conflict and confrontation.  The lines of religion, culture, economic status and political ideologies have thickened.  

In its unique composition of players, the WCO aims to bridge gaps amongst its musicians through the churns of the artistic process.  By bringing players of the world together, the WCO hopes to encourage understanding amongst players, and then beyond the concert hall to the rest of the world through various media.  

It is a lofty but simple goal that is grounded in every musician's basic love for music.