Membership Information



  • Membership application is open to anyone who shares our Mission.

1.    Active Performing Member: One who will perform at the next concert, scheduled.

2.    Supporting Member: One who may not participate in a specified concert, but wishes to participate in future concerts. They will be informed of all updates including vacancies.

After the application for membership, you will be notified about your member category through e-mail.

Active Performing Membership: Complete upon full payment of active performing member fee of $250 and completion of all forms required.

Supporting Member:  No application fee.


Selection Process

  • The Music Director has sole responsibility for the following functions:

a)  Selection of both active performing and supporting members from the pool of applicants.

b)  Appointment of seating in all orchestra sections including principle chairs.

While individual instrumental skill is a very important factor, other factors such as past participation, commitment, orchestral ensemble skill, in kind and financial contribution etc. will be considered too.  Violinists will be alternated between first and second violin sections unless requested as second violin only.  Principle chair will be determined only after selection of all members.  Request of principle chair will be accommodated as much as possible depending upon proven performance record and video presentation in case of a new applicant.



  • Dues cover less than 1/3 of all operating costs.  While we would like to keep it minimum, current active performing membership fee is $250.  It is not refundable except:

a)  $200 refundable if cancelled within 6 months prior to a concert.

b)  $200 credited to future fee if cancelled within 3 months prior to a concert.

c)  There is no application fee.