Membership Information



  • Membership application is open to anyone who shares the same goal as given in the mission statement.
  • Membership consists of two categories:

1.    Active Performing Member: One who will perform at a specified planned concert.

2.    Supporting Member: One who may not participate in a specified concert, but wishes to participate in future concerts. They will be informed of all updates of current and future plans.

Notification will be sent through email. Membership as an Active Performing Member is complete upon full payment of both the application fee and active performing member fee.



  • The Music Director has sole responsibility for the following functions:

1. Selection of both active performing members and supporting members from the pool of applicants.

2. Appointment of the principal chairs in the woodwind and brass sections and leadership of each string section including the concertmaster.

3. Seating assignment in the string sections.

  • The Music Director may consult outside professional musicians for appropriate guidance if needed.
  • While instrumental skill is a very important factor for the selection of membership, other factors also may be considered in the selection process so that our mission can be accomplished.
  • The selection committee consists of five personnel:

1. One string section coaching staff
2. One woodwind-brass section coaching staff
3. One active performing member
4. One choral director or choral coach
5. Music Director


3. Selection Process

·       This will be done at the time of the application process.

o   General performing members (active performing or supporting member):

o   Seating will be determined by the Music Director and the Selection Committee.


4. Dues

  • To encourage participation from diverse groups of people, we would like to keep membership dues to a minimum. Nevertheless, we have to ask for dues to assist in covering the cost of operation. The funding committee is working meticulously to maximize corporate and municipal support.  Looking ahead to the future, we would also like to establish financial aid for those in need of such assistance. The unique aspect of our group is the number and extent of the involvement of professional coaches providing a function similar to a music workshop.
  • After much consideration, the following dues system was established for both orchestral and choir members:

Active performing member: $250.00/per concert cycle