Membership Information



  • Membership application is open to anyone who shares our Mission.
  • Membership consists of two categories:

1.    Active Performing Member: One who will perform at the upcoming concert.

2.    Supporting Member: One who may not participate in a specified concert, but wishes to participate in future concerts. They will be informed of all updates of current and future plans.

After the application for membership has been submitted, you will be notified of your member category through email. Membership as an Active Performing Member is complete upon full payment of both the application fee and active performing member fee.


Selection Process

  • The Music Director has sole responsibility for the following functions:

1. Selection of both active performing members and supporting members from the pool of applicants.

2. Seating Arrangement.

  • The Music Director may consult outside professional musicians for appropriate guidance if needed.
  • While instrumental skill is a very important, other factors such as past participation and commitment, orchestral ensemble skill and flexibility, diversity, and in kind and financial contributions will be considered.  Violinists will alternate between the first and second violin sections unless specifically requested.  
  • Principal chairs will be determined after the selection of all members.
  • Requests for principal chair seating will be considered and accommodated as much as possible depending upon past performance record and video presentation (in the case of new applicants)

3. Selection Process

·       Applications will open first to all past members for one month through email recruitment.  Applications will open to new members at the conclusion of the one month.

o   Seating assignment notifications will be made after the selection of all members.

4. Dues

  • Application Fee: $50.00 non-refundable.  Payable through PayPal at the time of application submission.
  • Active performing member: Addition $200.00/per concert cycle.  Payable through PayPal within a week after acceptance of performing membership.  It is non-refundable, except:
    • Full $200.00 refund if participation is canceled within 6 months of the performance.
    • $200.00 credit towards the next concert cycle if canceled within 3 months of the performance.